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About Us

Sound Junkeyz. Free-thinking. Unconventional. We are not constrained by the limits typically imposed on artists. We are a music production duo made up of AsH and Tee L hailing from the midlands, UK. 


Sound Junkeyz was born from chance during the renovation of a studio but it has unleashed a creative new opportunity to make exhilarating new music. 


Labelling the genre of the music we produce is impossible, we use influences from all musical varieties including electric, hip hop, trap, house & plenty other vibes and rhythms. We believe music is boundless.


Our work includes an unexpected fusion of an English ballad style song for the South Asian superstar, Diljit Dosanjh as well as working on one of the top rated games on the App Store, Color Switch.


Scroll down to watch our promo track to understand the unpredictable, unique style of the Sound Junkeyz.


The Music

Our Latest

Sound Junkeyz Influences

This playlist on Apple Music gives an idea in what has helped laid the foundation to the sound junkeyz sound before they were producers and gives a broad idea of what genres they are in to. 

Sound Junkeyz Last Release

The last release of Sound Junkeyz was by Tee L releasing his EP called Electronic Warrior. This E.P. embodies that classic Sound Junkeyz sound. The E.P. is a taster to what the Sound Junkeyz can do!


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